About us

Strive is a youth-led, not-for-profit, public health organisation founded in 2012 at The University of Melbourne with the aim of improving health outcomes for disadvantaged and culturally diverse communities in Victoria. Our community outreach initiatives have a health education focus on holistic aspects of health such as nutrition, hygiene, and physical activity. Strive volunteers deliver various community engagement workshops, health conferences, and Strive Clinic – the first student-run clinic in Australia. Strive is a space for young people to engage with not only the local community but like-minded others in seeing what goes into creating meaningful change in the various areas of healthcare.

Strive is a not-for-profit organisation, focusing on public health, that aims to improve accessibility to health care for those most in need and empowering them through health education. Another key aspect of Strive’s vision is to empower the future generation of healthcare professionals towards creating a more equitable future



Improve Accessibility to Health Care

To improve the accessibility of health care for refugee, asylum seeker, and socio-economically disadvantaged populations through the Strive Clinic. 

To safely deliver high-quality healthcare to the community through an interdisciplinary team of rigorously selected healthcare students and qualified professionals. 

Health Education

Public: To improve the health literacy of the general public and of populations in need through workshops and seminars.

Student: To allow students to positively contribute to the public health sector and foster professional development through working collaboratively within an interdisciplinary team.


Innovation – Creative ideas and new approaches to health and education

Collaboration – Students of different disciplines such as Health Sciences, Commerce and Arts

Accessibility – Equitable access to education and healthcare across society

Respect – All people deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion

Education – Empowering students and community with the skills and knowledge to affect change