The Community Engagement Workshops are a cornerstone to what we do at Strive. While we help disadvantaged communities through their health issues at the Strive Clinic, we think it’s just as important to educate our next generation to be their healthiest selves.

With that in mind, The Strive Community Engagement team delivers high-quality and engaging workshops in the community to provide health education for children and their families.

Healthy Eating Workshops

This workshop is targeted towards Australia’s youngest generation – kindergarten students. We believe that it is a unique way to respond to the obesity epidemic in Australia, by introducing healthy eating habits and patterns early on.

Our team visits Kindergarten schools in Melbourne suburbs at least twice a month to run an interactive workshop where children can play games and learn about nutrition at the same time. Our workshops run for 1 hour with 4 stations and accommodate approximately 25 students.

Our workshop will be delivered by students from the University of Melbourne of different disciplines, including Medicine, Arts, Physiotherapy and Biomedicine. This allows for diverse, expert knowledge to be applied in the development of our program.

>We are also currently in the process of developing a children’s book on nutrition which we can provide to the Kindergartens students to encourage them to be healthy even after their workshop with us.

So far in 2018:

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Here are some testimonials from these amazing kindies:

‘Thank you for supporting our healthy eating knowledge. Children were able to display their awareness of fruit and vegetable, making smart choices that support a healthier life’

– Copperfield Preschool 

‘The children enjoyed learning about healthy food choices. Playing games is a great way to engage children

– Rockbank Kindergarten

Physical Activity Workshop

This is a new workshop designed for Primary School students. We aim to educate students about what diabetes is and the importance of preventing it from a young age. This will be done through a unique workshop involving an informative session, as well as an interactive activity to get all the students up and moving around!

Get involved

If you’re a school – we would be so excited to partner with you! Please let us know a bit more about your school here.

If you’re a student from the University of Melbourne and would like to become a part of the Community Engagement team or help run Nutrition workshops on a casual basis, please register your interest here. We would love to hear from you!