What is the Strive Clinic?

The Strive Clinic is essential to Strive’s mission; to improve the accessibility of health care for refugees, asylum seekers, and socio-economically disadvantaged communities in Melbourne, Australia.

It is a student-run clinic which adopts a multidisciplinary model of care involving various disciplines including Medicine, Physiotherapy and Nursing. Our clinic provides high quality healthcare to the community through an interdisciplinary team of rigorously selected healthcare students and qualified professionals.

The Strive Clinic has partnered with Cohealth Kensington for the past 8 years to deliver free healthcare services. Over a select time period, the clinic runs every Saturday from 1pm-5pm.


What does the Strive Clinic achieve?

At Strive, we understand that the interaction between a patient and their health professional is a privilege, and it is one that should be nurtured and taken seriously. With that in mind, our clinic contributes to this precious ecosystem:

  • We provide healthcare to disadvantaged communities
  • We equip healthcare students with valuable experiences which will shape their future passion and trajectory when they embark on their careers. It is modelled to give medical, physiotherapy and nursing students real clinical experience to foster their professional development through working collaboratively within an interdisciplinary team.
  • Those in training always need guidance. Our qualified health professionals graciously volunteer their time to share their expertise and experience with the next generation.

Why Melbourne, Australia?

The Strive organisation is run from Melbourne, Australia. While we are concerned about the health issues faced by people worldwide, we especially want to focus on those who are suffering in our community.

A 2016 City of Melbourne study showed that people with lower socioeconomic status, such as those who are recent immigrants, unemployed or homeless, are often less healthy and less likely to get health checks. Statistically, those who are disadvantaged in our community with respect to health include:

  • Areas including North Melbourne, Carlton and Kensington
  • The homeless in Melbourne (over 1000 people)
  • Recent immigrants – they are  23% less likely to visit a GP clinic
  • Unemployed people – they are 3% less likely to visit a GP clinic,

This results in a whopping 42.2% of the Melbourne population not getting a health check within a 3-month period.

Finally we think that Strive Clinic is amazing…and so do the health professionals who work with us!

We’re so grateful for these wonderful comments about the work we do:


“Strive is a unique concept to Australia…I have watched with amazement the growth of our young students maturing into Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists. It is a rare opportunity to be associated with assisting our next generation of Health Professionals take their place in society and I would like to humbly thank the countless members of the public who have placed their trust in Strive to be its patients now and in the near future”

– Dr Rolf Tsui (General Practitioner)


“It was a wonderful experience to have volunteered as a physiotherapist clinical supervisor….this program enables students within the healthcare profession to learn to provide a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to managing patient care…Some of the other students are also in charge of running the entire system of organisation, which enables them to learn leadership and organisation skills – which to me is vital, as many clinicians fail to understand the administrative side of things when working in a practice… I’d recommend it to anyone

– Shobini (Physiotherapist)


“It is refreshing to see such an enthusiastic and motivated group of students … I love the way the students all pitch in together to rise to the challenge of running a clinic… Strive provides learning not only for students, but also for community and mentors.”

– Sonja Hooper (Nurse)

FAQs – Strive Clinic

We receive many queries about our clinic, and you’ll find some answers to the most frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions, we’d love to hear them! Just contact us here.


When is the next Strive Clinic running?

Exciting new changes are planned for our next clinic, stay tuned in late 2019 for more details!


How can students be a part of the Strive Clinic?

There are many positions available in the Strive Clinic, including:

  • Student practitioners (medical, nursing and physiotherapy)
  • Receptionists
  • Shift supervisors

Strive advertises for these roles before each clinic runs, on various social media pages and of course, on our own Facebook page. So, be sure to check out our page!

Alternatively, if you’re itching for more details, just contact us here and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


How can health professionals be a mentor/supervisor at Strive Clinic?

If you’re a physiotherapist, nurse or doctor, we would love for you to be part of the clinic! Just let us know a bit about yourself here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


How can patients be a part of Strive Clinic?

Patients may walk in or call beforehand to the Cohealth Kensington Clinic to book a session at the clinic (when the Strive Clinic is in operation).


How does the clinic run?

A quick summary of the clinic flow is as follows:

  1. Patient arrives at clinic and is registered by receptionists
  2. Patient is seen by nurse student clinician
  3. Patient is directed by nurse student clinician to be seen either a physiotherapy or medical student (depending on their health issue)
  4. All students activities are supervised by the respective supervisors
  5. Shift supervisors ensure the smooth running of the clinic