About the strive clinic

The Strive Clinic is essential to Strive’s mission; to improve the accessibility of health care for refugees, asylum seekers, and socio-economically disadvantaged communities in Melbourne, Australia.

In the past, we’ve provided basic healthcare services to the community in partnership with community centres like Cohealth Kensington. In the more recent years, we’ve decided that instead of the community coming to us for assistance, we could provide our assistance directly to populations that require it. As such, we have collaborated with organisations like the Avalon Centre to distribute welfare packages and perform basic health checks to the homeless; as well as Brotherhood of St Lawrence, to provide health education workshops to the elderly.

the Strive Clinic In 2022

In light of COVID-19, our team has been working hard to continue achieving Strive Clinic’s goals — to increase accessibility of healthcare to vulnerable groups of society. Hence, we have recently partnered up with Bolton Clarke to deliver free CPR basics workshops to the elderly, via Zoom.

In 2022, we aim to get back to our in-person projects, and if COVID-19 still persists, we hope to provide our services to those who require it safely through the internet!

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