Health and Hygiene Workshop

The Health and Hygiene workshop is a new addition to the many projects led by the Community Engagement Team at Strive. The workshop was inspired after the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to educate students on hygiene in a post-pandemic world, in order to prevent communicable disease outbreaks in schools and local communities. We also wish to help build healthy habits into the future, by focusing on the importance of washing hands, showering regularly, proper toothbrushing and flossing, wearing a mask or a face shield, covering their nose and mouth whilst sneezing, and more.

April 2023 workshop at Davis Creek Kindergarten

Our workshops aim to educate kindergarten children on the importance of health & hygiene practises, in a post pandemic world. By educating early, we aim to implement these healthy habits into the future, to prevent the spread of communicable diseases in schools and local communities. Thank you for joining us on our mission. Together we can make a positive impact to our wider community!

October 2022 workshop

The Health and Hygiene team launched their first kindergarten workshop in October 2022. Preschool students visited creative educational stations about health and hygiene such as colouring, hand-washing activities, role playing, and storytelling. Led by a team of enthusiastic Strive volunteers, students learned about healthy habits to help protect them from infection and maintain a healthy lifestyle — by making better food choices, exercising regularly, and having a balanced sleep routine. The workshop was an enormous success, and preschool students engaged eagerly with the activities and volunteers at each station.


The Health & Hygiene virtual workshop is intended for students from Years 1–3 (Ages 5–8) and will be conducted via a 30-minute interactive video presentation. These habits will be presented in a creative manner, with fun activities to show students what can happen if they don’t follow these habits. Through this workshop, we hope to increase awareness on health and hygiene, protect school and family communities, and implement personal hygiene routines within the daily lives of young children.


Ashqkein Kang

My name is Ashqkein (Ash), and I am the Project Manager of Health and Hygiene. I am currently studying Honours in the Bachelor of Biomedicine, at the University of Melbourne. Working under STRIVE, I cannot wait to make a difference in the community, as we promote greater education and awareness of healthy hygiene practises! 😊

Ananya Sharma

My name is Ananya Sharma and I’m currently a second year student studying a Bachelor of Science (physiology) at the University of Melbourne. I joined strive because I love the initiative for healthcare in terms of getting their message/ aid across to people at various disciples in life!

Jacky Chen

My name’s Jacky Chen. I am a 2nd year medical student hoping to integrate my interests in medicine, artificial intelligence and public health to improve lives

Maya Bose

My name is Maya and I am a Health and Hygiene officer this year! I joined STRIVE as I wanted to play a more active role in our community and make a difference, even if it is a small one! I am currently in my second year of my bachelor of science at unimelb and am loving it! Fun Fact! I am grew up on the Gold Coast and moved down for a change in scenery (yes I am always cold).

Kulsimar Kaur

My name is Kulsimar and I am currently in my third year of my bachelor of Science, majoring in human structure and function. Strive has been a platform that has allowed me to execute my passion into action and allow me to have a platform that I can collaborate in to make a genuine difference in the mindset of young adults regarding health.

Farwa Abbas

My name is Farwa Abbas from Pakistan. I have ten years experience in the development sector as a Civil Servant. I have worked on child education and malnutrition, stunted growth, social protection, digital financial literacy of women and climate change. Creativity, productivity and innovation require healthy bodies and minds which are important for the development of the nation.