Health Eating Workshop

The Healthy Eating (Nutrition) workshops are designed to promote healthy eating habits and teach healthy eating skills to children in kinder and pre-schools across Melbourne. Our team partners with organisations to help improve the quality and accessibility of our workshops. Workshops are designed with the aim of teaching children the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and a balanced diet. We believe that teaching the importance of eating healthy from a young age would encourage children to pay attention to the food they consume. We strongly believe that very child and parent should have the opportunity to learn about nutrition and healthy eating and we hope to deliver the vitality of healthy eating through our workshops.

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May 2023 Nutrition Workshops at Davis Creek Kindergarten

We hosted two of our Nutrition Workshops at Davis Creek Kindergarten. The workshops were run for the 3–4-year-old age groups and the children learned nutrition through a range of creative activities designed by the Nutrition Team. Some of the games that were run were making a healthy eating dinner plate and reading our storybook on healthy eating. Both the children and volunteers had a fun time learning! Many children loved the storybook and told us they would make sure to eat broccoli every day! That was definitely a highlight of our workshops!

March 2023 Nutrition Workshops at Altona Gate Kindergarten

We hosted two of our first workshops for the year at Altona Gate Kindergarten. Activities run by the nutrition team and volunteers were tailored to 3–4-year-olds. Some fun activities we hosted for our workshop were reading an interactive storybook on healthy eating and singing a song on nutrition. The workshop was an experience to remember!



Manilkka Linara Udugampola (Project Manager)

Hi! I am Manilkka (better known as Manny), the current Community Engagement Project Manager for Strive’s Nutrition Workshops and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science with a major in Neuroscience. I have always been passionate about helping people and making a difference in community. As a child, my unhealthy eating habits had been one of my struggles for a long time, and I had eventually overcome it by eating healthy food in the right proportions. I joined Strive in 2021, as a Community Engagement Officer for the Nutrition Workshops to teach children the importance of eating healthy, nutritious food, and everytime I carry out the activities at the Nutrition Workshops I know little me would be very proud. This year, I am the Community Engagement Project Manager for the Nutrition Workshops and I hope to take it to the next level. By including more creative and interactive activities for the workshops I hope all the children will enjoy themselves a lot more while learning how to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle!

Lily Donosky

Hi! I am Lily, a third year Bachelor of Biomedicine student majoring in Human Nutrition. I am a Community Engagement Officer for the Nutrition Workshops with Strive. I am super passionate about public health especially related to nutrition, joining Strive offered the opportunity to involve myself in the wider Melbourne community helping to provide purposeful nutrition education. As a part of Strive, I hope to work alongside likeminded individuals engaging in meaningful work related to nutrition and health.

Solange Dassanayaike

Hey there! I’m Solange, an Honours Bachelor of Biomedicine student. I am a Community Engagement officer for the Nutrition team at Strive. I am very passionate about health and medicine and Strive has allowed me to use my passion to create valuable and meaningful change in the community. Nutrition specifically is an area that does not get a lot of attention in the public yet is vital to our overall health and well-being. By educating more people in the community about nutrition, has the power to increase overall health in society. I am very excited to be a part of the Strive team this year!

Helen Tran

Hi there! I’m Helen and in my third year of my Bachelor of Science. I am a Community Engagement Officer at Strive this year where I hope to continue to spark my passion of public health within me to the wider community and get involved in volunteering projects. I am really excited to create meaningful and enjoyable experiences for children alongside likeminded individuals and further educate the children about the value of healthy eating and nutrition.

Hayley Vuong

Hey everyone! I’m Hayley and I’m a Nutrition Community Engagement Officer. I’m a recent biomed graduate and have just started Master of Public Health this year!! I’ve always wanted to immerse myself into a student club but starting undergrad during covid made it kinda hard. Learning about Strive last year reignited this urge and being an initiative that shares the same passions and beliefs as I do, it was a no brainer to join. As a community engagement officer in nutrition, I hope to inspire young children to take an interest in healthy eating and begin to understand the importance in it!

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