Healthy Eating Workshop

The Healthy Eating (Nutrition) workshops are designed to promote healthy eating habits and teach healthy eating skills to children in kinder and pre-schools across Melbourne. Our team partners with organisations to help improve the quality and accessibility of our workshops. We believe every child and parent should have the opportunity to learn about nutrition and healthy eating.

We are currently recruiting for volunteers for our Healthy Eating workshops

If you are passionate about nutrition and healthy eating and want to give back to the community in a rewarding way, sign up via the form below:


MEDIA RELEASE (March 2022)


Manilkka Linara (Manny)

Hi! I am Manilkka, (my nickname is Manny) a second year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Chemical Engineering Systems and I am a Community Engagement Officer at Strive. I joined Strive as I am very passionate about the importance of healthy eating and striving towards a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, for example. Strive consists of compassionate people that work towards making a positive impact in public health and improving the accessibility to healthcare and this aligns perfectly with my passions! By being involved in Strive I hope to teach primary school children on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition! I also love acts of volunteering and I hope to continue to give back to the community through Strive’s workshops that aim to improve healthcare in our communities.

Nathasya Christiana Suryo (Nana)

I am a full-time student at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Infection and Immunity. As one of the community engagement officers, I am driven by my passion to give back to society through various volunteering activities. Generally, I am hoping to provide help through my interest and expertise in the field of microbiology and immunology.

Jessica Louise Parry

Hi everyone, thanks for looking through the Nutrition Workshop portfolio. My name is Jessica and I am the project manger for this initiative within Community Engagement. Outside of Strive, I am completing my Masters of Science degree in vitamin metabolism at Unimelb with the Plant Cell Biology Lab. My Strive team and I work together to deliver Healthy Eating Workshops to kindergartens across Melbourne. We are very fortunate to have support from Sparkways Early Learning Services and Sanitarium Australia in the development of our flagship workshops, and are always looking to recruit more volunteers. Please find the relevant links to get involved with our program.

Teresa Tjahjadi (Teresa)

I’m Teresa, a CE Officer in Strive that is currently in her 2nd year of undergraduate Bachelor of Science study, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Studying Science at Uni has definitely developed my passion for the public health sector, especially in Nutrition. This is why I believe that Strive is the perfect platform for me to contribute in improving nutritional-related knowledge, especially in kids. Through the nutrition workshops, I’ve had the privilege to visit kindergartens to spread awareness in terms of nutrition and healthy foods – which is exactly what I hoped I would be able to do through Strive.

Katrina Nguyen

Hey! I’m in 3rd year studying a Bachelor of Commerce and majoring in Management/Accounting. I joined Strive at Melbourne Uni to engage with a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about educating and helping the local community when it comes to healthcare and hygiene! I’ve volunteered regularly throughout my life, so the chance to work and volunteer with the local community to increase awareness and knowledge about good healthcare practices was really enticing! I hope to be able to give more back to the community so that everyone has equal opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing.