University Engagement

University Engagement endeavours to create an environment to empower and raise awareness about health, striving to promote a healthier lifestyle and deepening the understanding of public health amongst university students. The University Engagement team takes pride in organizing a wide range of initiatives to engage the university community. This encompasses the interactive curiosity-igniting booths, mental health awareness campaign, annual Strive Case Competition, and Strive Health Fair, a new campaign to showcase health-related Melbourne University clubs and empower the values of health amongst students. The University Engagement team’s passion and knowledge aims to deliver a powerful statement about health with hopes of making a positive impact to many students.


Strive Health Orientation Booths

The University Engagement team hosted Strive Student Health Initiative’s ‘Welcome to Uni’ booth for undergraduates and graduate students across three days on campus at University of Melbourne.

Garnering the attention of more than 500 students from a diverse range of academic disciplines, Strive found great success in introducing our initiatives and aims. With a passionate crowd at University of Melbourne, many students signed up to volunteer with our Workshop Program. 

Mental Health Day

On Mental Health Day, Strive Student Health Initiative took a proactive stance by organising an event that was geared towards raising awareness for mental health and wellbeing. Attracting a large crowd, the event met with overwhelming success of students who were eager to deepen their knowledge about mental health and wellbeing. Strive set up a “feel good” activity where students could write and draw uplifting and encouraging messages on the positive affirmation board, which allowed many to express their emotions in a constructive and liberating way.


Meet THE University Engagement TEAM

Kevin Seo (Project Manager)

Hey! I’m Kevin Seo, the current University Engagement Project Manager for Strive. I am a third year Bachelor of Biomedicine student, who has adopted a profound interest in making a significance to the health of the community and empowering the often-dismissed yet essential health issues. As an avid believer of health as one of the virtues to human life, I aim to lead Strive’s initiatives to spread a positive message to the community with hopes that it will snowball into a greater impact for not only students but to the world. Strive has offered myself and many others an eye-opening experience to health and I hope to share this powerful message to many others. With such a passionate and like-minded team, I hope to bring the best out of Strive and offer a healthy impact to the University community whether
it be big or small.

Chenxi Song

Hi everyone! I’m Chenxi Song and a second year Bachelor of Biomedicine student. I am thrilled to serve as a University Engagement Officer at Strive this year, as it allows me to ignite my passion for public health and extend its reach to the wider community through volunteer projects on campus. Through interactive and engaging initiatives, we aim to not only advise individuals about the value of maintaining good health habits but also inspire them to make positive choices that will benefit them throughout their lives. Let’s embark on this journey together, making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and fostering a culture of holistic health.

Emily Keng

Hello! I’m Emily and I am currently in my third year of a science degree. As a university engagement officer, I help organise and run awesome events on campus, bridging health education for students. I am super passionate about global health, with my particular interests being health inequality, intervention and policy. In my personal time, I enjoy trying out new, up-and-coming restaurants, travelling and road tripping (if I’m not the one driving). I hope to meet and chat with you at future Strive events!

Mridumani (Ananya) Sharma

Hi! My name is Mridumani Sharma (Ananya) and I’m a Bachelor of science student in my 2nd year doing a physiology major! I’m currently a university engagement officer as well as a health/hygiene portfolio hybrid officer at Strive. I’m super passionate about lifestyle diseases and the impact it has on our current generation! Joining strive has given me the opportunity to spread my message to a wider community, along with amazing volunteering opportunities!

Phoebe O’Connor

Hi Everyone! I’m Phoebe and a University Engagement Officer here at Strive. I’m a final year Bachelor of Arts student with a passion to improve public health within my community. Joining Strive provided me with a wonderful opportunity to spread the message of this initiative within the University community and raise awareness of the importance of living healthy lifestyles.

Yuman (Fion) Gan

Hello, lovely souls! I’m Yuman (Fion) Gan, a first-year student rocking the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance). And guess what? I’m proudly serving as a Community Engagement Officer for the University Engagement Team! Joining the committee of Strive
has been an epic journey, seriously. It’s opened my eyes to the incredible power of community and holistic well-being. As a commerce student obsessed with numbers and calculations, Strive has shown me that success goes beyond that. It has given me a clear
sense of purpose, surrounded me with amazing support members, and also empowered me to make a positive impact on students’ health!