Mental Health Workshop

The Mental Health Workshops team aims at the delivery of comprehensive mental wellbeing workshops to young people all the way from kindergarten to high school students all across Melbourne. Our team believes that all young people should be equipped with the tools they need to improve their mental wellbeing. We aim to improve equal accessibility of our workshops to communities and schools without the resources needed for such programs, which is why our programs come at no cost!

workbook RELEASE (May 2023)


Adam Cooper (Project Manager)

Hi there, I’m Adam and am a doctor in training with a passion for public health. I am the manager for the mental health workshops and am passionate about our, and Strive’s, vision to improve the health of our community. This is my second year with Strive now so I’ve been using my experiences to finetune our workshops and increase delivery all across Melbourne! It’s great to lead a team so passionate about public health and I hope we can make a real, lasting impact on the Melbourne community.

Abeerah Sadiq

Hi! I’m Abeerah, a current Biomedical Science student passionate about public health education. Health education should be accessible to all, so everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage their health. Unfortunately this isn’t the case as many disadvantaged and low socio-economic communities miss out. I’m so happy to be a part of Strive’s mental health workshops where we start young and deliver mental health education to students in disadvantaged areas across Melbourne. I hope the workshops can make a long-lasting impact on the students’ lives and health.

Sarah Park

Hello! I am Sarah and I am a student doctor with a passion for public health and improving public health literacy. Prior to joining the Strive Team, I have been part of a variety of health initiatives where I delivered health education to students from a range of different backgrounds. I was particularly drawn to Strive’s vision which specifically focuses on working with young and disadvantaged populations, and I am very keen on working alongside other like-minded team members to make an impact on young students’ lives!

Maisa Binte Haque

Hello! I am Maisa, a third-year Bachelor of Biomedicine student majoring in Psychology. I am a Community Engagement Officer, and I am enthusiastic about spreading health and well-being awareness, so I joined Strive! Promoting mental health and well-being and sharing my knowledge with others has made me learn more and led me to gain insight regarding different perspectives and experiences, broaden my knowledge base, and develop new skills. It is also a great way to give back to the community and positively impact people’s lives. Joining Strive led me to meet like-minded people and work together to make a difference. I plan to continue being passionate about health, education, and community service and pursue these interests throughout my life!

Swetha Jinson

Hello! I am Swetha! I’m a second-year medical student from the University of Melbourne currently based at Ballarat Base Hospital. I am a community engagement officer and I want to ensure that young people in the community are educated on how to check in with themselves mentally, help others improve their internal dialogue and improve conversations around mental health in the public sphere. I describe myself as alternating between a homebody and a keen explorer of different places, liking to treat myself to a good book or a nice cafe. I value my time with friends and family (including my two cats) and getting to know more about the world through literature and improving my skills in painting.