Executive Team 2023

Get to know our Executive Dream Team

Brianna Heinken


My name is Brianna Heinken and I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Biomedicine (majoring in Neuroscience) and a Diploma of Languages (majoring in Spanish & Latin American Studies). I serve as President of the Strive Student Health Initiative, and I am excited to expand our programs & partnerships this year! Outside of Strive, I work as the Digital Content Coordinator for AVT Australia and I volunteer with the University of Melbourne Health Promotion Program. In my free time, I love getting active, exploring the world, and spending time with friends and family. You can get in touch with me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/briannaheinken/.

Sanji Dissanayake

Vice President

My name’s Sanji and I’m the Vice President of Strive. I’m currently in my final year of the Doctor of Medicine course at UniMelb. I joined Strive because I’ve always been passionate about healthcare and making a difference, and Strive is a unique organisation because we provide opportunities to help people of all ages, from young children to the elderly. I think we also give great experience to our volunteers about teamwork and learning how to put together events, which are skills which will help them throughout their lives! Personally, my favourite things to do nowadays are go camping because I love nature, and photography because it’s such a fun hobby and capturing moments is amazing because my memory is not the greatest.

Zoe Yin

Executive Secretary

My name is Zoe and I’m the Strive Secretary. Strive does some wonderful work promoting public health initiatives in the community, and this work wouldn’t be possible without the tireless efforts of everyone involved in the organisation. To help keep us running as efficiently as possible, I’m responsible for the executive administrative side of Strive. I’m also the main point of contact for our members and anyone interested in joining Strive – you’ll find me sending you important announcements in your inbox and at our meetings busily taking notes! In my spare time, I’m a 3rd year medical student with a love for promoting (the healthy consumption of) bubble tea.

Peter Tunali


My name is Peter Tunali, the treasurer for Strive Student Health Organisation this year. I am studying civil engineering and working in numerous roles which involve supporting disadvantaged people across a local city council for whom I work for. I have been with Strive for the last year as well as a finance officer and want to only better support our amazing organisation!

Teresa Tjahjadi

Director of Community Engagement

My name is Teresa Tjahjadi, the Co-Director of Community Engagement. Currently, I am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Studying Science has definitely developed my passion for the public health sector – where I definitely see Strive as the perfect platform where I can participate in. Being in the middle of the pandemic as well has led me to realise the urgency and importance of spreading equal access and education to all individuals in regards to healthcare or public health. This is where, I believe, Strive will be that one stepping stone that is needed to actually pursue a change in improving awareness and equal access.

Jerry X’Lingson

Director of Community Engagement

My name is Jerry X’Lingson and I am the Community Engagement Co-Director. Currently, I am a third-year Bachelor of Biomedicine and I wanted to join Strive for the fact that it is a powerful initiative that connects a broad spectrum of individuals with an equal passion for the furtherment of public health awareness with the university community! The opportunities within the club are endless and have been extremely rewarding to be a part of. Fun fact, I’m an avid soccer player and fan of Chelsea Football Club!

Mishka Amarasekara

Director of Clinic

My name is Mishka Amarasekara and I am currently studying the Doctor of Medicine. I joined Strive as Director of Clinic due to my passion for community health! My passion for this stems from a personal belief of how fortunate I have been in my own life and the need to pay it forward to those who haven’t been as lucky. Strive has provided me opportunities to cultivate this passion and get hands on in projects to directly impact the community. I hope that through my role I can in some way, no matter how small, help in reducing such inequalities!

Britney Trang

Director of Operations

My name is Britney, Director of Operations and I’m in my final year studying a Masters of Clinical Audiology. I first joined Strive back in Oct 2019; looking to immerse myself in the university experience whilst doing something I enjoyed. As I continued to work in healthcare, the importance of public health and healthy literacy became more apparent. Whilst I have stepped down from the hands-on public health promotion in Strive, Operations helps ground my organisation skills and my understanding of internal structural dynamics that cross-over into bigger healthcare systems. Fun fact: I absolutely love animals, please show me your pet pics if you ever see me!

Christine Vuu

Director of Marketing

My name is Christine, the Director of Marketing for Strive. I’m currently in my third year studying the Doctor of Medicine. I first joined Strive last year as a Marketing Officer because I wanted to get involved in a student organisation that focused more on community health and had initiatives where the impacts could directly be seen in the community (and it also helped that I had a creative outlet outside of my MD studies!). Outside of Strive and my studies, I’m an avid (fiction) reader and I like to go on runs. Feel free to contact me for any marketing queries or if you have any good book recommendations.