We’re Recruiting!

2022 Recruitment Drive

Hey Strivers! It’s the time of the year for our major recruitment. We are looking for motivated and passionate individuals with a sincere passion for public health to work with us in 2022!

We have plenty of positions available, such as:

Community Engagement

  • Workshop Officers
  • Publications Officers
  • Secretary/Executive Assistant

What do these positions entail?     Our positions descriptions can be found here.

[To apply]

  1. Fill out the form here
  2. Send a copy of your CV to hr@strivehealth.org.au by 1st October
  3. Read about the $6 joining fee (which only applies if you are offered and accept a position at strive) here.


Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Team is always on the lookout for superstar volunteers for our Nutrition Workshops!

To apply:

  1. Fill out the application form here 
  2. Send a copy of your CV to hr@strivehealth.org.au with the subject title “[Insert Your Name] – Strive Nutrition Workshop Application CV”

For the latest updates, visit our Facebook page.