Edition 6 — December 2022

The impacts of climate change extend far beyond environmental degradation, posing a serious threat to human physical and mental health. This edition features two articles which examine the research around climate change impacts on nutritional deficiencies and on mental wellbeing. These climate change impacts are multifaceted and amplify existing social inequalities in marginalised populations. It is crucial to understand these effects in order to address these pressing issues.

E-cigarettes are often marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and are highly prevalent among young people. Another article in this edition raises concerns about the potential harms of e-cigarettes and stresses the need for further research and regulation of e-cigarettes to protect public health.

The impact of climate change on nutritional deficiencies

New research suggests that climate change could have a significant impact on the nutritional value of our food. Brianna writes about the potential consequences for human health and what can be done to address this growing problem, which may put billions of people at risk for a variety of health problems.

E-cigarettes: The phantom menace

Are e-cigarettes really a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes? Research suggests that the long-term health effects of vaping have not been thoroughly investigated. Don’t miss Amin’s important article on the potential dangers of e-cigarettes and their regulation.

Climate crisis: A mental health emergency

Climate change is causing serious threats to our mental health which are often complex and overlooked. In this article, Laura explores the mental health impacts of climate change, its impacts on social inequalities, and the increasing threat of climate anxiety.